How can i subscribe to the App?

open the App setting press Get the premium upgrade Now, then choose the suitable package for subscription for you, there are 3 packages monthly, Annual, forever subscription

the subscription is not active how i can active it?

open the App setting and press on restore purchases then follow the steps the App will be active

how can i use the App?

please open this video to know how to use the App https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LsmQn7ejo2g https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCz2NYensdnwfyCuIY6Ev4mA

how i can add photo inside the App?

press on the icon start now on the front page of the App, it will open your phone gallery to choose any photo

how can i add more texts on the photo?

press on the icon that named text in the below tape

how can i resize the fonts?

through the icon that named resize in the below tape on the right side of the tape.

Can i extract the fonts from the App?

No, you can't

Can i get more additional free fonts?

yes you can if you follow our Instagram page, you will get extra 10 free fonts.

Can i add photo inside other photo?

yes you can, please press on the icon that named Album on the below tape.

how can i change the language of the App?

open the App setting then press on languages

how i can delete the projects?

open the Icon of my projects then press on the three points which appear at the top of the App and select the projects that you want to delete.

how i can make design on transparent background?

press on the icon that named empty on the front page of the App, then make your design and save it.